Small Hose Reel (S)

Small domestic hose reel designed to take up to 30 metres of 1/2" garden hose. Comes with a detachable carry handle.
Colour: satin black. Also available in 304 SS and 316 marine grade SS (POA). 

Black metal hose reel with a handle at the top

Small hose reel

Black metal hose reel on a stand with a long handle and wheels


Reel Dimensions

Hose reel type Small
Overall height with carry handle 378 819
Overall height without carry handle 337 n/a
Overall width (add 100 mm for winder handle) 266 266
Overall depth 328 328
Barrel diameter 150 150
Barrel width 178 178
Disc diameter 328 328
Mount hole width 241 241
Mount hole depth 225 225
Mount bolt diameter M12 (x4) M12 (x4)

Hose fittings

Ask us about our range and prices. More information to come.

Approximate capacity and list pricing

BSP Capacity
Item code List price
(ex GST)
Small 3/8" 24 to 44 S10 $413
1/2" 21 to 34 S12 $413
Mobile 3/8" 24 to 44 S10M $521
1/2" 21 to 34 S12M $521

NOTE: Figures are based on normal duty hose. Capacity will vary depending on hose properties. See capacity chart for more detail.

List price is a guide only. Flat Pack ex factory, no hose fittings. Most resellers offer discounts.


Hose reel type Small Mobile
Shipping weight 9 kg 13 kg
Pack size (mm) 340 X 370 X 85


Special hose reels can be made to order. Contact us