Why Basic Hose Reels?

Since the 1990s Basic Hose Reels has been Australian owned, and Brisbane based. In 2021 One Source Valves bought Basic Hose Reels and have continued the proud Australian Made tradition.

The original owners looked at what was available for homes and small businesses in hose reels, they saw the really cheap and nasty plastic numbers that are always on sale at the big chains, plus the really expensive approved fire hose reel style.

They thought ‘There must be people in Australia who just want a solid, reliable hose reel that works properly and lasts. Nothing too engineered or with automatic this and retractable that - something basic that works’.

So what better name than ‘Basic Hose Reels’? Manufactured in our own factory in Brisbane, we know that the quality of the steel used and the fittings is first class and won't let you down.

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